As you dive into the Quests, you might find you have some questions, and we’ve got the answers right here! If you don’t find the answer to your question, be sure to contact us on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks, and happy Questing!

Where do I start?

The best place to start is on our homepage, where you can find all the Quests by theme. Just click on a theme and away you go!

Be sure to always read through the entire Quest in advance, to ensure you have everything prepared ahead of time.

What if I don’t have all the materials?

Almost everything in every Quest is customizable, which means, if you don’t have certain items to hand (for example: jingle bells), you can always replace them with something you do have (for example: mini marshmallows or small cotton balls). There’s usually so many things involved in a Quest anyway, that if you need to just skip over a task, you can do so (or replace it with a snack or dance break 😉 !).

How long does a Quest take?

A Quest generally takes us a full day, some of them a very long, full day. However, if you don’t have time to do ALL the activities included in the Quest, simply pick and choose which activities you’d like to do for now, and save the others for another time when you need something pre-planned to grab. Or, spread out the activities over a couple days, or even a week. It’s your homeschool—do it in the way that’s best for you!

What age are the Quests suited for?

My kids are currently 5 and 7, and as I’ve created these Quests for them, I’d say the Quests are best for kids in the kindergarten to second grade range. However, it’s super easy to switch out a Quest’s worksheets for something more in line with the age of your kids.

How many kids can do each Quest?

As many kids as you have in your homeschool! Simply ensure you have enough supplies for each child and have printed out enough copies of the worksheets for each student.

Can I do the Quests in my classroom?

I designed these Quests to be used at home, however, thanks to the virtual nature of classrooms these days, it’d be very easy to send the link to the Quest to your respective students and ask their parents to prepare by printing the worksheets ahead of time. Then you could lead the Quest from your virtual classroom.

Do you follow Common Core?

Yes and no. Quests are meant to be a fun way of organizing your homeschool day. Some of the activities included may align with Common Core curriculum, and some may not. It depends on the Quest.

How do you incorporate a Quest into your homeschool?

We do a Quest once a week, usually on a Thursday. It is definitely the day we end up accomplishing the most, but it is also the day the kids have the most fun! 🙂

The beauty of homeschool is you can do it however best suits your family! 🙂