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Join us on a Quest: escape-room homeschooling sessions for kids!

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Make any day a Star Wars day with one of our Star Wars Quests!

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Why do quests make the best homeschool day?

Who says school has to be boring? Thankfully, homeschooling does NOT equal public school.

Have fun with it! Each Quest is designed to engage with your child, making it fun to learn!
And when children enjoy learning, more sticks!

kids learn

Top six things kids learn by doing Quests: cooperation, sharing, listening, following directions, creativity, and the number one thing? Learning is FUN!


Every Quest here is completely customizable. I’ll share them how we did them—at least this time, though I’m sure when we do them again we’ll change them up ourselves! You can replace any part of it with a different toy, activity, or printable to suit what you have to hand and your kids’ ages, needs, and interests.

homeschool ready

In Washington, homeschool requires the teaching of 11 subjects: reading, writing, spelling, language, math, science, social studies, history, health, occupational education, and art and music appreciation. I try to incorporate a little bit of each of these into every homeschool Quest.