Virtual Disney Scavenger Hunt

I’ve been on the hunt for ways for the kids to play online with friends and family since we’re missing our socializing (yes, even I, as an introvert, am missing interaction!). 

To that end, we came up with this Virtual Disney Quest to play online using Zoom or FaceTime or whatever works best. This particular Quest is more scavenger hunt, but the kids enjoyed it so much they’re already asking me to make another one!

Copy and paste the list below into the first column on a spreadsheet (Excel or Numbers). Then label the headings of the other columns with the names of the players joining you. It’s that easy!

Virtual Disney Quest List

Snow White: an apple

Fantasia: a broom

Cinderella: a shoe

Alice: a tea cup/mug

Peter Pan: a fairy light

Lady and the Tramp: spaghetti

Sleeping beauty: a rose

Sword in the Stone: a sword

Mary Poppins: an umbrella

Jungle Book: a banana

Robin Hood: something green

Winnie the Pooh: honey

Little Mermaid: a fork

Beauty and the Beast: a book

Aladdin: a carpet

Lion King: something yellow

Pocahontas: a leaf

Toy Story: a toy

Mulan: something red

A Bug’s Life: a bug

Tarzan: a notepad

Emperor’s New Groove: music

Treasure Planet: money

Finding Nemo: a bath item

The Incredibles: vacuum

Cars: a car (you can just show us the car outside on your screen)

Ratatouille: a cooking utensil

Tangled: a frying pan

Brave: a bear

Wreck-It Ralph: a game

Frozen: ice

Zootopia: a blueberry

Moana: a necklace

*I only included the movies my kids had seen up to this point, so you could definitely add more or take some off based on what your family likes to watch!

How to Play

The way we worked scoring was if you were the first person to show something, you got two points. Everyone else got one point once they showed the item. This worked very well, since it meant I, as moderator, only had to notice the first person to show the item, and after that I just gave whoever else found something a point. After every fifth item, I revealed the score, so everyone knew where they stood.

We decided if you couldn’t find the item listed, you could show something else that reminded you of the movie, then you could make an argument for it to earn one point.

It took about 30-45 min. We gave people a minute per item, and then some time chatting in between while I tallied up, etc., so it was a grand total of about an hour. If you’re on a free Zoom account, you could limit the game time to the 40 minutes you have available and go as quickly as possible, tallying only at the end and texting out the final scores.

The kids had a blast doing this, and I think the adults did, too! It was nice to do something on Zoom that the Littles could join in on. 

Tell me in the comments if you play! I’d love to hear how it goes and what you changed! Happy questing!

P. Meredith

The game is afoot! Leave us a comment to tell us how your Quest went!

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